IntoTheMinds is a market research and marketing consulting firm located in France (Paris) and Belgium (Brussels).
We carry out projects throughout Europe and for all sectors of activity, in particular: satisfaction surveys, B2B and B2C market research projects, customer experience analyses, marketing strategy assignments and (big) data analyses.

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Generative AI detectors: are they reliable? [Full test 2024]

Are generative AI detectors reliable? Since the invasion of the Internet by content produced by generative AIs (ChatGPT in particular), detecting this type of content has become a priority. In its latest search engine update, Google announced that it would penalize low-quality content. So, I tested 11…
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Energy-efficient software: a source of competitiveness

Cloud computing is all the rage. Companies of all sizes now run their software on infrastructures (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) to which they lease computing capacity. All these companies have no financial interest in saving you computing time because they’d lose money in the process. In this…
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Satisfaction & Lovalty

Satisfying customer and increasing loyalty has never been so important. Whatever your industry, loyal customers are crucial for your profitability. We propose you solutions to measure and increase customer satisfaction and repurchase intentions.
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Strategy and Market trends

What are the trends on your market and how should you innovate to stay ahead of the competition ? Which marketing strategyshould you follow to be different and attract customers ? Those are the questions we help you answer.
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Data mining

Your business data is precious. We can help you analyze and segment it, to better understand your customers' behaviors and needs. Our solutions are pragmatic and suit perfectly the smallest organizations.
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Behavioral analysis

Your customers are changing. Be it in B2B or in B2C behaviours have never evolved so quickly. We can help you anticipate this evolution. We use a wide range of qualitative technique to understand emerging behaviours and craft your marketing strategy.
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Market research

Market research is a mandatory step towards preparing your business and financial plan. Whatever your budget and your sector of activity, we have solutions to answer your questions and... reassure your bank.
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