Case studies: Market research projects in Europe

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IntoTheMinds conducts B2C and B2B market research in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands (Benelux), Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. For quantitative market research, we cover the whole world through our partnerships with panel suppliers. All our studies are carried out in strict compliance with the GDPR, both in terms of qualitative and quantitative studies.

Most of the market research that we carry out is carried out in a region where the client is already established. They are generally involved upstream in the development of a new product or service.

We detail below some recent customer cases. You will find more project examples and customer experience in the “product launch” section.

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Market study in Belgium for a new kind of samples collection centre

Logo hospital saint-Luc BrusselsThis market research study was delivered in 2018 on behalf of the Saint-Luc Hospital, in Brussels. As part of the digitisation of the customer experience, Brussels hospitals wanted to test the reaction of doctors, health personnel and patients to taking samples in centres outside the hospital, specially designed for this purpose. The study revealed the obstacles and levers to use, highlighting, in particular, the desired customer experience in these centres as well as the conditions of use required by the attending physicians.

The method used was based on individual face-to-face interviews with patients and doctors and focus groups with healthcare staff. Specific interview guides had been prepared for each type of respondent after an extensive review of the scientific literature.

Market research in Luxembourg for a childcare group

logo rockidsIntoTheMinds has been working for several years with Rockids (part of the La Maison Bleue group), which operates in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland and specialises in the development of childcare facilities for young children (nurseries and day-care centres).

In 2018-2019, we conducted significant research for Rockids, the first of which was to locate and analyse the competition. Based on mystery shopping methods and qualitative interviews, we were able to identify the factors of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of customers of nurseries and day-care centres (childcare facilities for children aged 4 to 12) in Luxembourg. A quantitative study was then carried out to validate the working hypotheses and deliver quantified results to the client that are useful for the implementation of his marketing strategy.

Market research in Belgium for a car manufacturer

B2C markt research private lease BelgiumIn 2019, IntoTheMinds conducted B2C market research in Belgium on behalf of a car manufacturer (whose name cannot be disclosed for reasons of confidentiality). In this context, we carried out a study throughout Belgium (Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders) to understand the general public’s perceptions of Private Lease (leasing for individuals). As part of this qualitative study, we interviewed different consumer segments; recent vehicle buyers (of the brand that commissioned the research, but also of competing brands), consumers who requested a private lease offer and ultimately opted for another method of financing, and people who intend to change their car within the year.

From a methodological point of view, this study was carried out based on qualitative face-to-face interviews. The interview guide was developed after reviewing the scientific literature (desk research) on motor vehicle financing methods but also on new modes of mobility and current representations related to motor vehicle ownership.

Market research in Belgium for real estate management software

In 2019, IntoTheMinds delivered complex B2B market research for a software publisher for report building managers. This prospective research (the software was still in prototype form) was carried out based on individual qualitative interviews with managers of building fleets of different sizes.

A video presentation of the solution was made to present the product consistently for all respondents.

This study allowed the sponsor to identify precisely the points of improvement of its products, the levers of satisfaction but also the marketing targets to be favoured.

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